Pictures from the past in St. Louis sports…
Monday July 6th 2015

Curt Flood

A great player…a pioneer…a Cardinal…he had vision on and off the field!

Game Balls all around….

Terry Metcalf (L) sprinted 75 yards for a touchdown…Jim Tolbert (C) intercepted a fourth and goal pass to preserve the win…and Ron Yankowski (R) scored a TD on a 71 yard run with a recovered fumble in the Cardinal’s win over the Washington Redskins in 1973…put that in your trophy case….

Top BILL-ing….

Coming off a season ending N-I-T finals loss to Providence, the St. Louis University Billikens were ready to hit the hardwood in the fall of 1961 for the 61-62 season and Tom Kieffer was one of the big guns for Coach John Bennington….remember the names? Kieffer….Bill “Bevo” Nordmann…Dave Harris…George Latinovich…Donnell Reid… Tom Book…Gary Garrison…Gil Beckemeier and Stan Luechtefeld….most all of them high school stars here in St. Louis….

The Blue Note scores the Great One!!

It was like trading for Babe Ruth….picking up Michael Jordan…signing A-Rod…and all in one day….in late Febuary of 1996 the St. Louis Blues convinced Wayne Gretzky to head to the Gateway City and his arrival set off a frenzy of hockey hysteria that has probably never been equaled….here was Wayne’s World right on our home ice!! In his first home game at the then Kiel Center, a record crowd of over 20,000 saw the Great One and the Blues skate to a 2-0 victory over Florida….here’s one of many photos that appeared in the next day’s Post-Dispatch of Gretzky in that game…

Yahhh…don’t be a girlie mon…I’m here to PUMP YOU UP!!

Though the nearest beach was probably about 600 miles away, we young guys in greater St. Louis were always afraid of having that sand kicked in our face and thus were fair game for the Charles Atlas ads that appeared regularly in Sport Magazine….in just 15 minutes a day I could look like like THAT??….hey, gamble a stamp….bring it on…..Did ya do it??

Seeing the future!

An artist’s conception of a proposed ultra-modern 50,000 seat stadium to be constructed in downtown St. Louis to house both the baseball and football Cardinals…this was designed and featured in an NFL type magazine in early 1962…take a close do you think it came to what eventually went up?? Tell ya this…the proposed name never got off the drawing board…initially it was to be called Riverfront Stadium…well, Gussie was having none of that, and the folks in Cincinnati picked up on that leftover idea!

Seven…count ‘em…seven NFL games every Sunday!!

In 1962, well, this was it…every team front and center and accounted for…. hard to believe it today, but with 14 teams around the league, it was easy enough to keep track of who did what…only seven games comprising the weekly schedule…notice the Cardinal’s logo…the Arch didn’t come about until late 1965, but the design for it’s construction was on the table in 1961. Big Bill was a forward thinker…for this pic, tho, some pretty simple designs…brings back some memories!!

Driving in New York? Look out!!

Bob Pettit hits the lane over New York’s Phil Jordan (who later would become a teammate) for two of his 21 points in the Hawks 128-111 win over the Knicks in this early Febuary 1961 NBA game at the Garden. What a hotbed for basketball in the 50′s and 60′s!! Madison Square Garden hosted NBA doubleheaders about eight times per season….the National Invitational Tournament in March (bigger then than the NCAA) and of course, the Knicks during the regular season….but never an NBA Playoff game….the Knicks were doormats year after year, but, hey…to play in the Garden!!

Stretched out in 1962…

Bill Russell of the Celtics blocks a shot by the Hawk’s Shellie McMillon in the second quarter of this January 2nd, 1962 contest at New York’s Madison Square Garden….the Celtics went on to rout the Hawks 136-99……Russell finished with 19 points…McMillion hit for 10…Bob Pettit led all scorers with 36…

Forever Young…

As the 1964-65 NBA season approached, Dell Sports magazine previewed the Hawks and raised question as to the staying power of Bob Pettit, Cliff Hagan, and Ritchie Guerin, all of whom were over the age of 30. Not to worry, as the Hawks finished second in the Western Division with a respectable record of 45-35, but were upset in the first round of the playoffs by the Baltimore Bullets. Pettit, in his final year, was beset with injuries, played in only 50 games, yet averaged 22.5ppg….Hagan averaged 13 and Ritchie Guerin hit for 14 per game and was named player coach midway through the season. Hagan had another year left in him…Guerin hung on for three more before turning to coaching full time….who’s too old?


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